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Van Buren Family Riders

By Posted in - Inspiring Women & Ride News & Routes on February 21st, 2016 0 Comments Van Buren Legacy

Feb 20, 2016 What a bonus that relatives of Adeline and August Van Buren are joining forces with us not only to support the ride but also to participate! Family riders include:Van Buren Sisters LLC

  • Dan Ruderman, Adeline’s grandson;
  • Ditte  Ruderman, Dan’s wife;
  • Sofié Ruderman, Adeline’s great-granddaughter; and
  • Skyler Ruderman, Adeline’s great-grandson.
Robert Van Buren and his wife Rhonda will ride together; he is Adeline and Augusta’s brother’s grandson, making him their great nephew. His daughter, Sarah Van Buren (the sisters’ great-great-niece), just got her motorcycle license in order to do the ride.
Sarah is proof that it’s not too late for other new riders to join. Don’t think you can ride a motorcycle across the U.S.? Talk to Sarah!

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