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Two Starting Points?

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Feb 18, 2016 You may have wondered why official registration and a second kickoff will occur in Springfield, Massachusetts when the Van Buren sisters started their ride in Brooklyn, New York. If you have ever ridden in New York City, especially on a holiday weekend, you’ll know the primary reason: TRAFFIC. The Sheepshead Bay race track where the sisters attended the motorcycle races on July 4, 1916, is no longer in existence, unfortunately. We can’t even visit the place because only a freeway runs through there now.

The Berkshires are so beautiful and the City of Springfield has been so welcoming that we encourage most folks to meet us there if you don’t want to deal with NYC traffic. Springfield is where the sisters’ Indian Motorcycles were made, and it was their first stop out of New York City. For traditionalists, there is still the option to start in Brooklyn, and we have hotel rooms set aside for participants.


We’ll provide more details about the events at each location in next month’s update and complete information on the ride will be sent to all registrants 90 days before the start.


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