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Rider Story, Monique Filips

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Apr 3, 2016 Rider Monique Filips will be joining us on the Sisters’ Ride. We wanted to share her story and the stories of other women riders who will be joining our historic event. If you’re signed up and want to share your story, please send an email with your story along with a few photographs!

Here’s Monique’s story:

I have been riding street bikes for about 17 years, and riding dirt bikes for 7 years. My current bikes are a 2000 Honda VFR and a Honda CRF 250x. My husband also rides street and dirt, and my 2 kids are novice dirt bike riders. I have had the opportunity to ride up and down the West Coast from Canada to Baja, and quite a lot in between. There is so much fantastic riding in the state of California, and we are so spoiled with great weather almost year round. We also do a lot of camping and dirt biking with friends.

Monique Filips, Feb 2015 Kennedy Meadows

I heard about the Sister’s Ride from a friend on Facebook, and loved the idea, but just couldn’t imagine taking off 22 days from work and my family.  My original plan was to join the ride somewhere closer to home, maybe Colorado, and just do the last part of it.  But as time went on and I kept thinking about it, the whole point of the ride is to go across the whole country, honor these women who did something amazing 100 years ago, and to be part of something special. So I started to convince myself that maybe I would do the whole ride. Now I would just need to convince my husband.

Monique Filips, Rock Store CA

So we were talking about it, and I expressed interest in doing the whole ride, but I was worried.  “I don’t know what we are going to do with the kids for a whole month!?  I am going to need to find a bunch of summer camps for them that have extended day care”.  My husband said, “Why don’t you take the kids with you?”  We had often talked about getting a motorcycle with a sidecar, but never tried that hard to find one.  I joked many times that I could be that crazy mom in carpool that takes her kids to school in a sidecar! So what the heck! Let’s look for one.

On my very first search on Craigslist, I came across only a few ads that were good leads.  I even came across an expired ad for a rig that seemed too good to be true.  Long story short, we are now the proud owners of a 2000 Honda Shadow with a Champion Sidecar and a trailer.  Oh yeah, I have become that cool mom in carpool!

Monique Filips

Now I am looking forward to an epic journey across the country with my 2 kids. We will meet new people, make new friends, and visit some amazing places along the way.  My kids will get to see many parts of America, and I might sneak in some educational stuff too.  I am sure this will be a trip we will never forget.

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