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Registration is Open

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The Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride webpage is now live and registration is open!

We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Adeline and Augusta Van Buren’s historic ride across the United States. The sisters were the first women to travel across the continental United States each on her own motorcycle and were the first women to ride motorcycles up to the 14,109 foot summit of Pikes Peak.

They accomplished this in a time when there were no paved roads, no GPSes and no roadside assistance programs to bail them out. At the time women didn’t have the right to vote and were not considered equals to men. Victorian attitudes were in full flare and back in those days women still had to wear dresses. Augusta and Adeline Van Buren broke the stereotypes of their time, proving that women could do anything that men could.

Events that are currently planned along the way include:

  • Brooklyn, New York – History at Sheepshead Bay
  • Springfield, Massachusetts – Ride Launch Party and event at The Springfield Museums,
  • Pickerington, Ohio – AMA Hall of Fame, 
  • Latrobe, Pennsylvania – Lincoln Highway Experience, 
  • Anamosa, Iowa – National Motorcycle Museum,
  • McCook, NE – Community Event
  • Visits to Zion National Park and Bryce National Park
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado –  Group Ride up Pikes Peak
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado –  Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum,
  • San Francisco, California – Arrival City Party

Ride objectives include:

  1. Promoting the growth of women riders as integral members of the motorcycling community
  2. Demonstrating women riders’ enthusiasm, courage, leadership and sense of adventure
  3. Attracting women who are not yet riders to join us at nationwide events so we can encourage them to explore motorcycling as a hobby; and
  4. Creating community among our riders, our staff and the public at large.

The Van Buren sisters were inducted into the American Motorcycle Association’s (AMA) Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2002 and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame in 2003. The Van Buren family is helping to promote the ride and we’re planning several special events with them as guests of honor.

Join us!
100 years, 100 women. All Sisters.

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