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New Sponsor: Mustang Seats

By Posted in - Partners & Sponsors on June 16th, 2016 0 Comments

June 16, 2016 We’re so excited that Mustang Seats has joined our list of sponsors! If you’re looking for a new seat to make your ride an even better one, Mustang probably has what you need.

Since 1980, Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC, has been proudly handcrafting the world’s highest quality seats in a renovated, historic mill building in Three Rivers, Massachusetts. Mustang is now the recognized leader in the design and construction of replacement seats for Harley-Davidson ® , BMW, Indian, Victory, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati, Can-Am, Yamaha and Suzuki.


Every Mustang seat is made in the USA by true craftsmen who take pride in transforming the highest quality, raw materials into a finished product– all under one roof in our New England facility. Mustang seats are designed using special controlled-density foam, which is the basis for the comfort in our seats. Mustang’s baseplates aligns the spine and places the driver at the proper riding angle, thereby relieving back stress. We complement our engineering expertise and high-quality manufacturing with first-rate customer service.

When it hurts to ride, it’s not fun anymore.  Enhance your riding experience with a Mustang seat.


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