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New Sponsor: Cycle Wipes

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June 9, 2016 Cycle Wipes is supporting the Sisters’ Ride by providing wipes for all registered riders. We’re thankful to have yet another sponsor on board!

Simply – WIPE, BUFF & RIDE

Cycle Wipes is a unique cleaning system of soapy wipes for your visors, shields and lights.  

SPLAT!  Cycle Wipes are simply a great solution to, “How do I clean my visor?”

    • Cycle Wipes are pre-moistened soapy wipes designed specifically for cleaning your bug blasted visors, shields and lights.  Bugs don’t stand a chance!
    • Gentle, safe and durable – Our ammonia free gentle cleaning solution combined with our unique ultra soft dirt-grabbing mesh fabric, safely traps stubborn bugs and grime.
    • Compact – Easily stored in a jacket, pocket, or tank bag.  No more bulky bottles, sprays, leaky liquids, or stinky rags.
    • Convenient – Each package contains 12 wipes in a re-sealable travel pack.  Simply WIPE, BUFF with a soft cloth, and RIDE!.  Note: A clean dry Cycle Wipe makes a great buffing cloth!

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Available through dealers and directly from Amazon.  Visit for more information.

Cycle Wipes LLC is owned and operated by a family of riders. The inventor, David Swezey, is an avid motorcyclist and spent years as the GM of a large motorcycle dealership in Seattle.  

Visit Cycle Wipes on Facebook and Youtube.

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