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Kate Johnston, Iron Butt Recordholder

By Posted in - Inspiring Women on February 2nd, 2016 0 Comments Kate Johnston in Alaska iron butt

Feb 2, 2016 From New Rider to IronButt Record Holder in 3 years, Kate’s story is inspiring to say the least.

There’s this little known record in the motorcycling world from the Iron Butt Association called the Ultimate Coast to Coast. If you aren’t familiar with the IBA, they consider themselves the World’s Toughest Riders. 

Not only did she break one of their hardest records, but she was the first woman to do so. And only after a few years of learning to ride motorcycles!

Given the grand accomplishment that Kate Johnston achieved, we couldn’t agree more.Read about her crazy journey here and then ask yourself if you would even attempt to achieve that!

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