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How to request time off work – Employer Sponsor Letter

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Mar 24, 2016 Employers these days are focused more than ever on retaining happy employees. This means allowing staff who can take time off for their passion on two wheels, and still come back to work focused and meet all the tasks at hand. The value of the time away from the daily grind is immeasurable, and the refreshed spirit one has returning to work can make some surprising boosts in productivity. Better yet, some companies may sponsor their employees to do extracurricular activities outside of work if the event somehow aligns with the company’s vision and target audiences.

If you are considering taking days off of work to join this ride-of-a-lifetime, here is a sample sponsor letter to help you seek support from your supervisor or employer for your participation in the 3 full weeks of the Sisters’ Centennial Ride. Items in [brackets] may be modified along with any other text in this letter.

Let us know if you need help crafting your very own Employee Sponsor Letter, we’d be glad to help.


Subject: Requesting Corporate/Company Support for Sisters Centennial Ride, July 3-24th
The Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride takes place July 3-28 this year, where 100 female motorcycle riders will trek from New York to San Francisco on their motorcycles, exploring national parks and historical motorcycle museums. The ride was first completed successfully by 2 sisters who took to their motorbikes to spread awareness about women who were not allowed to serve in the military at the time.  I  believe that attending this event would be an advantageous investment for both our company and me. I will have an opportunity to professionally benefit from networking with others on the ride who are also in the field of _________ as we are, and going over 3,000 miles with the possibility of representing the company at all points along the ride.

There will be multiple gatherings in the major cities, where a stop in one city can be used to connect with our company staff located in that area. The entire ride will be captured on video by several different teams where we can use this screen time as a chance to take the company’s brand global, with me as a representative sharing my experience throughout the ride. If there was an outreach initiative, I could assist in any 0utreach efforts while I connect with other members of the _____.

To date, the ride is at half capacity with 40 attendees (mostly women) and more are expected in [CITY] this year. Everything about this ride says “[adventure/travel/outdoors],” which is sheer inspiration coming from these 2 women who took to open road where there were no printed maps and the ladies were turned away just for riding a motorcycle. With the past few projects we have been working on, I believe this ride would surely allow the general public to see how pioneering, daring, large-minded our company can be with it’s support of this ride. While [CITY]  is known for it’s [industry], whereby making contacts while I’m in town would certainly support other teams at [company]. The cross-country ride also partners up with several national sponsors, including Sena and Motorcycle & Powersports News who are both major companies or manufacturers.

The Sisters’ Motorcycle Ride team also actively engages its members in volunteer and charity work within their communities, as a portion of the funds are being donated to the 2 women-based charities: Final Salute which supports 500,000 female veterans and Women’s Motorcycle Coalition which advocates for coaching of female riders on all terrains. These charities present [our company] with a chance to give back, and pay it forward to women who are leading examples from days past.

My involvement in this event will provide a number of benefits for both myself and our company, including:

  • Professional development and networking outside my normal environment which will help me to become a more effective team member and stronger communicator
  • Opportunities to network with business or target office in one of 10+ cities
  • Contribution to a worthy cause and demonstration of our company’s commitment to diversity and record it on video

These are all just ideas and possibilities for us to begin a discussion. I do understand this kind of event is not a typical vacation out of the office, however your support would mean a lot and also still allow me to contribute while I am away from the office. I look forward to talking about further details with you and appreciate your support.


[Your Name]


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