bmw motorrad


Q: How do I get my motorcycle back home after the ride?
A: After joining you’ll receive an information packet with heaps of information. Contacts for our motorcycle shipping company of choice will be one of those items.

Q: Do you have a suggested packing list?
A: You can access our suggested packing list HERE.

Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?
A: Yes. The insurance man says that you do.



Q: Do you have spare bikes?
A: We’re working on that (but do not count on it). If we do have spare bikes they will be made available in exchange for a donation to our charities each day they are used. After all, we are a fundraising charity ride.


Q: Do I have to carry my own luggage?
A: If you sign up for the “all-inclusive” tour, NO. We’ll carry it for you. That doesn’t mean we’ll carry an extraordinary amount of luggage for you…the maximum is 50 liters. (Remember that you also have to get your luggage home after the event!) All other riders have to carry their own luggage.