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Q: What happens if my bike breaks down?

official partner, sisters motorcycle rideA: Well, the show must go on. We have a chase vehicle capable of picking up broken bikes. It will primarily be following the “all-inclusive” registrants, but we’re motorcyclists so of course we’ll stop and help. We’ll carry you and your motorcycle to that night’s hotel or to a dealer if there’s one close by.

We’ll work with you, within reason, to make sure you’re taken care of. If you are an AMA member, you get free towing with your memberships so we’re suggesting that all riders make sure they have some type of roadside assistance before starting the ride.


Q: What if I want to camp and not stay in hotels?
A: Well, you’ll miss the camaraderie and bonding that happens in the evenings, and that would be a shame. But we admire you for wanting to be involved in your own way, so we’re preparing a list of campgrounds closest to the hotels we stay in every night. Go ahead and register and then you’ll get the camping information once registered.


Q: Why did you pick those two charities?
A: Adeline and Augusta Van Buren rode for a cause and we want to as well. The sisters were committed to helping defend our country, and we want to honor the folks that choose to do so in modern times. Being an event organized by women riders, Final Salute seemed like a natural fit for us because they help homeless female veterans who very often fall through the cracks. Our second charity, the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists, has been instrumental in helping organize this ride. Founding member Sue Slate did all the routing for the trip, and we want to “give back” by helping them train coaches to train more women to ride.

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