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Q: What out of pocket expenses can I expect?
A: It depends on how you choose to register. If you register for the event as a fully guided ride, then you’ll only pay for your lunches, your gas, tolls, incidentals at the hotels, alcoholic beverages, and entry into parks and such. If you register and only pay the event fee, then you’ll be paying your own way: all meals, hotels, incidentals, alcoholic beverages, fuel, park entry fees, tolls, etc. Either way you register you’ll pay for your own bike maintenance, fuel and repairs.

Q: How much should I budget for fuel costs?
A: The total amount of miles will be a little less than 5,000, but since we’d rather you be surprised with an amount that’s lower, we’ll use 5,000 miles for our calculation. AAA has a running average of gas prices for each state here. You can track the fluctuations in gas prices as we get closer to the ride to calculate a more accurate average!


Q: Why is my registration fee non-refundable?
A: While your registration fee is non-*refundable* we didn’t say it’s not transferable. Go ahead and find someone willing to take your place and we’ll substitute riders (even though we’ll then be sad you won’t be joining us). If for some reason you cannot find a replacement rider, we’ll split your registration fee with our charities and send you a letter acknowledging your donation if you ask us by email.

Q: Why is your event fee so much money?
A: Well, it’s a big event, which means a lot of staff, infrastructure and expense. Not to mention insurance. (Don’t get us started on that topic.) We’ve done our very best to solicit as many sponsors as possible and include as many things as we possibly can along the way so that we can reduce the cost of your participation.

Q: Why aren’t we accepting credit cards?
A: Since registration includes having to print out, sign, and mail in the waiver, we thought it easier for you to send in a check at the same time.

If you’d like to pay via credit card we’ll accommodate you through PayPal, but note that there’s a 3% surcharge on the registration fee. Just email us if you’d like that option.