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Chicks on Bikes with Christina Shook, Official Photographer

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Feb 24, 2016 Speaking of official photographer Christina Shook, check out Chicks on Bikes, the first book to visually chronicle the culture and lifestyle of real women motorcyclists. The photos and stories range from sassy young racer girls, wind-roughened seniors, leather-clad outlaws, chic corporate climbers, grease-covered mechanics to motorcycle fashion designers.


Excerpt from Chicks on Bikes

“In the past, women on bikes have been portrayed in the media as bikini-clad sex-objects or clinging to the back of a male rider. Classic movies have shown them as sluts and outcasts. This book casts aside stereotypes and takes a look at who real women riders are today. The photos and writings convey the women’s passion for riding as well as revealing often surprising thoughts on the risks and rewards,”

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