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Black Girls Ride Magazine and Porsche Taylor

By Posted in - Partners & Ride News & Routes on February 24th, 2016 0 Comments Black Girls Ride Logo

Porsche Taylor, the Editor in Chief of Black Girls Ride Magazine has officially signed on to be a Ride Guide for the entire length of the Sisters Ride. We mentioned her website last week when we shared the Bessie Stringfield Ride.

She also did a wonderful writeup for us that you can read here. We’re looking forward to having her join our team and bring another point of view to the Sisters Ride.


“Black Girls Ride is not an exclusive racial statement, rather its an inclusive celebration of all women who live to ride. It’s the positive, fearless, unapologetic, take charge attitude we exhibit on these machines, as we navigate the streets of our respective cities. We live the urban biker lifestyle, we work in board rooms and classrooms across the nation, and we find joy on the open road.”


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