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100th Anniversary Pikes Peak Hill Climb

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Feb 12, 2016 Part of the Sisters’ Ride will be riding up Pikes Peak, which the Van Buren Sisters also did as the first women to ride up on motorcycles! We have an old newspaper clipping from Motor Cycle Illustrated Magazine, August 1916, Page 16. So cool.

And check out the story on the upper left about Mrs. W. E. Davis, who won the Consistency Score in the Worcester, MA 10-hr endurance run! She was driving an Indian Motorcycle with a sidecar with Mr. Davis as passenger! If anyone knows who this cool lady is please post a comment and let us know.

motorcycle illustrated article van burn sisters pikes peak 1916

If you don’t know about the history of Pikes Peak, here’s a little background courtesy of our friends over at The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

“When Spencer Penrose first arrived in Colorado Springs he was amazed by the Pikes Peak Regions beauty and saw great potential for the area to become a premier destination for tourism and Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain as it’s crown jewel.  Penrose, a lover of the automobile, acquired a special use permit from the National Forest Service in 1915 to convert the carriage road to the summit of Pikes Peak into an auto highway, the highest in the world at the time.  In July of 1916, Penrose and his team finished converting the narrow carriage road to the mountain’s 14,115′ summit into the Pikes Peak Auto Highway; in order to publicize his adopted hometown and new highway, Penrose devised a simple plan – host an automobile race to the summit of Pikes Peak on the “Highest Highway in the World.

Photo Courtesy of Cristi Farrell @, A Terrific Motorcycle Podcast


Join us this year in celebrating 100 years of fierce competition, passion, and tradition on Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain.
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